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Document Storage Services in Hartford

Document Storage in Hartford

We can help maximize your Hartford business’ efficiency through proper document storage and retention plan monitoring.

Using an off site document storage facility in Hartford or transferring to digital can help free up space around the office while keeping your data safe.

Hartford document storage services off site

Document Storage Considerations

Hartford Scanning Services will help you free up valuable office space and enhance the productivity of the employees who maintain your documents.

Access Control

Hartford document storage services

Our secure local document storage facilities only allow individuals with proper authorization to access and retrieve stored files, making it an ideal solution for securing confidential files, personnel records, and important files related to your business.


We provide temperature and humidity-controlled storage. The storage area has a backup power source, ensuring that the temperature and humidity are maintained even during a power outage. Documents and items we provide storage for include:







Legal Compliance

Document retention policies, along with document storage programs, can help you decide which files to keep and for how long as well as deciding how to dispose of records after they are no longer needed.

Disaster Protection & Planning

Major catastrophes can destroy years of important business documents. At Hartford Scanning Services, we help to prevent the destruction of your critical records by storing them at secure local facilities.

Why Professional Document Storage?

document storage services hartford

Professional off-site storage services offer numerous benefits for businesses seeking secure and organized solutions for their document management needs. One key advantage is the optimization of physical office space, as off-site storage eliminates the need to allocate valuable square footage for bulky file cabinets and document storage. This results in a more efficient and clutter-free workspace. Additionally, off-site storage enhances document security through controlled access, advanced surveillance, and climate-controlled environments, mitigating the risk of loss, damage, or unauthorized access.

Businesses can benefit from simplified document retrieval processes, with many services offering online portals or dedicated retrieval teams, ensuring quick and accurate access to stored records. Compliance with data retention regulations is another crucial advantage, as off-site storage providers often adhere to industry standards, providing businesses with peace of mind regarding legal and regulatory requirements. Overall, professional off-site storage services contribute to improved organizational efficiency, reduced operational costs, and enhanced document security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to the volume or type of documents that can be stored off-site?

Our off-site document storage services are scalable and can accommodate varying volumes and types of documents. Whether you have a small archive or extensive records, we have the capacity and flexibility to meet your storage needs. We can provide customized solutions based on the unique requirements of your business.

How do you handle the transportation of documents to and from the off-site storage facility?

We have a secure and efficient transportation process for documents to and from compliant off-site storage facilities. Our dedicated partners use secure vehicles equipped to handle document transport. We prioritize the safety and confidentiality of your records throughout the transportation process.

Can I access my documents stored off-site at any time?

Yes, off-site document storage services are designed for flexibility. While we prioritize the security of your documents, we also understand the importance of accessibility. You can access your stored documents during regular business hours, and we offer options for emergency access when needed.

Hartford document storage services

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Hartford Scanning Services provides secure document storage and document retrieval services for businesses anywhere in the state. To get free, no obligation quotes on long-term document storage, give us a call at (860) 986-6670 or fill out the form.

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